By Warrick Sears

What is branding?


There’s 1000s of different answers to this question, not to mention countless essays, books and lectures. David BrierĀ  commissioned this simple explanation of what branding is.

I appreciate the simplicity, but do you agree?

The word ‘genius’ getting bandied about does make me a little nervous as I think good branding shouldn’t feel elevated and hence doesn’t need genius. Just a good understanding of who your company is and what it stands for and a little originality.

What did make me smile is the piece at 1:35 where the graphics form a crescent and the voice over says ‘For something nobody ever thought of before. It made me think of one of my favourite print ads.




By Warrick Sears

30 second Super Bowl spot VS. digital media – FIGHT!

So it’s almost Super Bowl time again and the advertising world goes into a frenzy over 30 second TV spots (or at least in the US they do). At $4.5 million US for 30 seconds of airtime, if you can make it onto The Bowl you have some serious cash to spend. If you have an ad everyone remembers and talks about, then there’s some serious cash to be made BUT…

…what else could you be getting for that money at Super Bowl time in the digital world?

How about 10 “Premium Day” promoted trends on Twitter @ $425,000US per day with a reach of 55 million users. Now that’s half of the Super Bowl audience, but with a minimum of 10 times the frequency and a link your audience can click to actually get to you.

Or 8 days of Facebook Reach Blocks @ $475,000US. Facebook don’t even whack a premium loading on their Reach Blocks for the Super Bowl and you get in 100% of your targeted audience Facebook feedsĀ (You know, the people actually interested in your brand.) at least once a day. Reach = 100 million users only 11 million shy of The Bowls viewing figures, BUT with a frequency of up to 5 times a day. You could book out the entire Super Bowl week and still walk away with $700,000US change in your pocket!

Perhaps 5 days of rich-media Youtube mastheads @ $800,000US a day. Unlike Facebook, Youtube do double the price in Super Bowl week for their mastheads. But what you are getting is an audience of 75 million people actively looking for Super Bowl video content who will see your interactive and video enabled masthead and, once again, with an actual link that will take them straight to where you want the audience to go.

I haven’t done a lot of Youtube mastheads, but the last one I did do received over 500,000 hits in three days and that was within Australia, not the massive US market. The examples above are only the premium spots on the biggest sites, so who knows how many locally targeted page take-overs, content-marketing blog articles or social media campaigns you could get for the same money 30 measly seconds of crowded airtime will get you in front of a distracted (and I suspect drunk) audience.

The moral of the story is no matter if you have $4.5 million US or $4,500AUS in your next media budget, are there wider reaching, more effective and better value-for-money options for you to get you message out there?




30 second Super Bowl spot VS. digital media – FIGHT!