By wozowski

Short Shorts – Feb 2017

Who likes Short Shorts? We do. Especially when you don’t have time to find all this interesting stuff for yourself.

Is Snap Chat where it’s at? 

A few of our clients have been asking about Snap Chat lately and if it is worth jumping in on. I would say, depends, but probably not unless you are a global brand trying to get at the fickle millennial money. For the rest of us I think Instagram will do just fine.

Heard of programmatic advertising and media buying? You will.

Would you let an algorithm spend your media budget for you? Programmatic advertising lets automation decide when and where is the best place to deploy your advertising and content. It’s an interesting approach but with Facebook caught fudging figures, unscrupulous digital media companies paying hackers to inflate clicks and impressions and growing distrust of the web in general I’d want the maths to be rock solid. I imagine pouring over the deployment reports takes some time too. 😛

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The best place for your digital advertising? Your own website apparently!

A recent study has shown that ads stick harder and are more relevant when viewed on your own website. Take that Facebook!

Good ad. Bad ad.

Last time I saw a Coke TV spot that I actually liked, 1980 something. Then suddenly…

If you haven’t seen this already I’d be surprised. Take a cliché ‘game changers’, add a script that could have only have been ‘workshopped’ and then offer up a budget so small that the talent had to be sourced internally and you get this. Paleo pear and banana bread anyone?