by Warrick Sears

Since heading out as a freelancer a good part of my time has been spent in the digital realm designing websites. I enjoy the process from a pure design perspective and I especially enjoy the challenge of designing responsive websites that look good and function well.

One thing I haven’t enjoyed so much is justifying why a site should be be responsive. I’ve trotted out the stats about Australian’s browsing on phone and tablet compared to desktop many times. Most clients get it, some seem skeptical and one accused me of trying to create three times the amount of work for myself when just a desktop design would do.

Now there is a new reason to get your site mobile ready – mobilegeddon.

As of yesterday (21 April) Google search will not look favorably on your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. You will be pushed down the search ladder in favour of sites that are responsive and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. You can find Google’s official declaration from their webmaster HERE.

If you have a lump in your throat as you are reading this, don’t feel too bad. You won’t be the only one missing out on valuable search hits as around 66% of businesses in Australia don’t have mobile friendly sites. And it’s not just the small Mum & Dad brands either. Dominoes are probably scrambling right now to get their desktop-only clunker into shape, and to be honest they should have years ago. Anyone who has endured ordering a pizza from them on the phone will know it isn’t a fun experience.

The real losers in this mobilegeddon for me are those beautifully crafted sites that are closer to artworks than digital information portals. Companies like French advertising agency Numero 10 whose site is a gorgeous hand illustrated parallax wonder, but unfortunately won’t do them any favours with the worlds most popular search engine.

As an modern agency they should have known better than to have put form before function, but that is a discussion (and blog post) for another day.

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Get responsive to Google’s Mobilegeddon